Martial Arts lays the foundation for future success by providing an environment for children to develop mentally and physically while teaching fundamental values that will guide them later in life.  Through Martial Arts classes, children not only develop physically and learn valuable self-defense skills, but they also develop their mental and emotional skills, too. Here are some of the benefits of Martial Arts for kids:

Build Stronger, Healthier Bodies

Children have energy to burn and need to develop their gross motor skills as they grow.  No matter if it is warming up, stretching, exercises, drills, techniques or in-class competition, self-defense training always involves the entire body.  The more kids train, the more they build their coordination and strengthen their bodies.  This level of exercise also helps fight one of America’s biggest health concerns right now – childhood obesity.

Develop Unshakable Self Confidence

As children develop, they can sometimes feel unsure or self-conscious; they want to explore, try new things, develop talent and be able to impress their peers.  They are also unaware or unsure of how to act in certain social situations.  By learning martial arts skills, demonstrating them with partners in class and interacting with fellow students, children get a sense of achievement and competency that raises their self-image and builds their confidence.

Build A Rock-Solid Self Image

As children develop their self-confidence, their self-image – how they think of themselves – also improves.  By practicing, learning new things and showing improvement, children begin to see themselves in a positive light.  They develop an “Yes I Can” attitude.

Develop Laser-Like Focus & Listening Skills

Martial arts training requires that children learn to focus on the instructor, follow commands, listen to instruction and work both individually and in groups.  Through constant exposure, children learn how to focus their minds on the task at hand, follow directions and pay attention to detail.  These skills help children perform better at home and at school.

Instill Consistent Self Discipline

With Martial Arts classes, children learn discipline as they must follow commands while working with an instructor, with a partner or in a group.  Self-discipline – which can be defined for kids as developing the ability for them to get themselves to do what they know they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it – is developed by giving the kids instructions, then having them drill or practice on their own while under the watchful eye of an instructor.  This teaches them how to work and do things on their own.  Being self-directed is one of the most valuable traits children must learn for their future success and happiness.

Provide Structure & Set Clear Limits

Children want to show their independence every chance they get.  While they are given the space to be themselves, they are also given strict guidelines of behavior and expectations of performance while in class. This helps to instill the concept of healthy boundaries.

Provide A Safe, Clean, Supportive Environment

The martial arts school is a place where children can come and feel safe to make mistakes, learn and grow without fear of judgment from their peers.  Because the training is physically and mentally challenging, children develop a common bond with their peers as they face these challenges together.

Provide Positive Influences

Children need relationships with strong, positive adults. Being in martial arts classes provides children with positive influences through their instructors and fellow martial artists. If you look at Martial arts classes for kids as opposed to other activities for children, there really is no comparison.  Martial arts for children is the only activity that meets the critical developmental needs of children while developing the mind, body and spirit.