“My daughter’s confidence and happiness have grown immeasurably since she began Taekwondo. Mr. Atlasi and the other instructors are patient and kind, yet firm, and set reasonable but challenging goals for each child. Experiencing a class where students are taught not only to respect their instructors and parents, but also each other, has helped my daughter to find the courage to interact with people outside the class. She is happy with being physically and mentally fit, surrounded by encouragement and support, and learning to protect herself.”
– Erika Jordan

“My kids have been training with Mr. Arrash since 2015. We couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.  Mr. Arrash is so patient yet very disciplined with the kids. You can tell he really cares about them. My kids have learned so much under him. As long as Mr. Arrash is around, we too will be! A great influence to my kids!”
– Ben and Anuja Thomas

“About 10 years ago, my older kids, back then 10 and 13, after several months of Tae Kwon Do training, started private training with Mr. Atlasi. They preferred him over any of the other instructors. Mr. Atlasi has an amazing ability to connect with all kids. With endless patience, and always with a smile, he teaches, inspires, directs and encourages his students. My older kids are now black belt and second degree black belt. I have seen them grow not only physically but mentally, learn to deal with difficulties and challenge themselves under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Atlasi. Now I see my 6 years old son following their footsteps, growing up and maturing under his consistent and persistent guide. The other instructors in Mr. Atlasi’s school are former students, now embraced as family by him, and are bestowing his positive attitude and discipline upon the next generation of students.”
– Eldad Falik

“My 8 year old son has been going here for a long time now and he absolutely loves it. Best part is even if
we are delayed to pick him or have to leave him early, we can do so and they take very good care. Mr. Arrash is always available to address any concerns, counsel students and is extremely approachable.  There is a personal feel around this whole institute.”
– Meenakshi G.

“I had a detailed discussion with Mr. Arrash Atlasi before I enrolled my son to martial art classes. The thing
which I liked most is they not only teach students martial arts but life values and self defense. They are best in their field and I think I took a good decision. They are very flexible and always approachable for any discussion and clarification.”
– Akhil M.

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